Change, Loss and Bereavement in Highland is made up of a collective of professionals from a variety of agencies who strive for better outcomes for children and young people who have experienced change and loss.
The aim of this website is to provide advice, guidance and links to useful materials, resources and other agencies who can support in times of change.

“The majority of children do not require specialist intervention and the indiscriminate use of bereavement services can be unhelpful. Children are more likely to seek support from family and friends and communication and support both within families and from the wider community have been found to play an important role in children’s coping.”

The prevalence of childhood bereavement in Scotland and its relationship with disadvantage: the significance of a public health approach to death, dying and bereavement; Sally Paul & Nina Vaswani.

We are still adding to our page, and welcome ideas and input. Especially from children, young people and their families.

In the meantime, you can find policies and guidance relevant to Change, Loss and Bereavement here.

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