Our useful websites page, and book list can currently be found under the professionals tab. They are equally useful to Parents/Carers/Professionals and Young People. These will be updated regularly, as will more Parent specific information below.

Helping your child deal with change

The Pines Highland Neurodevelopmental Service have a wide range of resources and films to support Parents to in turn support their children. Alison, who is part of our Change, Loss & Bereavement Group and is the National Autistic Society’s Highland Information Officer suggested that this video about dealing with change is a very useful support for Parents of children with neurodevelopmental difficulties.

The Compassionate Friends

The compassionate friends is a national organisation of bereaved parents offering support and understanding to others after the loss of a child, of any age, from any cause.    Our national Helpline is staffed by volunteers who are bereaved parents themselves and offers support and information 365 days a year. 

The Compassionate Friends offer

  • A National telephone Helpline open every day of the year
  • a comprehensive website and moderated online community forum
  • local and specialist support groups and one-to-one support – many of our support groups have moved online and are held via video conferencing during the pandemic 
  • a befriending scheme where the newly bereaved are ‘buddied’ by a volunteer longer-bereaved parent (Grief Companions)
  • group support via social media in private, well-moderated Facebook groups
  • information leaflets, bereavement support publications and a unique postal library on all aspects of bereavement. We have just published a leaflet: Grieving the loss of a child during the coronavirus pandemic
  • support for adult bereaved siblings is also available. 

Helpline: 0345 123 2304  

Hours: daily from 10.00-16.00 and 19.00-22.00 (always answered by a bereaved parent)



Coping in uncertain times

Seasons for Growth have developed two factsheets to help us to cope with the uncertain times in which we are currently living.

The first is ‘A Guide to Self-Care and Wellbeing During Times of Uncertainty’.

This fact sheet gives ideas for looking after our own wellbeing and helps us to recognise what the behaviour of our children and young people is telling us, as well as giving us ideas about how we can help to support them through these uncertain times.

The second is ‘Adapting After Lockdown’.

This factsheet utilises evidence-based tips and tools that you can use to support your children to adapt and cope with change.

“The only thing in life that is permanent is change. Change is the one constant in life”

(K. J. Fallin, 2013)

These tools about coping with big emotions, and supporting your child’s social and emotional wellbeing may also be of use.

Parent Club offers up-to-date guidance from the Scottish Government on your child’s health and education. It’s full of hints and tips from other parents and carers who’ve been there before. It also has advice to help you look after your own wellbeing and to point you in the direction of the support available.

The Parent Club site is always helpful, for all ages, but is especially useful at the moment as we navigate our way through another lockdown. They explain the Scottish Government guidance in more detail and try to cover a range of questions you may have as a Parent/Carer.