Meet our team – chapter three

Hi everyone, I’m Carrie and I work as a Forensic Psychologist in Highland. I mainly work with social workers and care workers in supporting children and young people, but I also enjoy times when I get to work directly with children and their families. Often, when working with young people who have got in to trouble with the police, or who are having challenges at school, it tends to be that they have encountered change and loss in some way or another, and my role is often about trying to help what this might be and how it is affecting the young person.

I am quite new to the clb group but am delighted to be part of it and hope I bring something useful, as well as learn too!  Already I have enjoyed learning about a number of different resources that look so helpful!  I have chosen a resource that may not be one people immediately associate with change, loss and bereavement – and in fact, it’s a ‘resource’  I have only recently been aware of.  But since I found it, I have referred to it a lot, have signposted many people to it and have used it myself.  So… what is this magical resource?!  Its an app called ‘Insight Timer’ 

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It’s a free app (or you can just refer to the website) which offers talks, courses, music, meditations, to help with stress, anxiety and sleep.  I think we can all acknowledge that during times of change, loss or bereavement, it can often lead to stress and anxiety, and/or can lead to difficulties with sleeping.  The app has some great tips and practices to help with this, as well as a section for parents who are looking for tips to help ease their children’s nerves and boost their self-confidence.  The app might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for some it will be just what you’ve been looking for!