Demystifying Death Week – blog 3

Books, books, books

We talk about the importance of books a lot within the CLB group, at our awareness raising training and also at Seasons for Growth training. Books in the classroom, or at home, help to normalise death and dying for children and young people. Rather than using them after a death, we emphasise how important it is to have these texts freely available so that children know about death and dying, feel able to ask questions and realise that they are not the only one who has or will experience death.

I would like to share this YouTube video of Badgers Parting Gifts (you might remember this one from an earlier blog post courtesy of our Primary school pupil Lucy).

Badger’s Parting Gifts By Susan Varley ♡ Spoken Ruby Dee

Lucy referenced in her review of the book that it had made it easier for her to talk to other people about death, and that sharing at home had helped her Gran as well. Books about death and dying aren’t just for our children and young people!

For more ideas of which books you could use, recommend or purchase for your home or school libraries, please have a look at our book list.