Seasons for Growth Parent Programme – Update

Thank you to our newly trained Parent Programme Companions for letting me take their picture.

You will remember a few weeks back we advertised the opportunity to be part of our very first round of Seasons Parent Programme training to staff across Highland. We had our first cohort with us yesterday, just look at their happy faces!
We are so proud and pleased to say that we have grown from three trained parent companions to twelve! Thank you for being such a fantastic and insightful group, we are very excited to see the programme spreading and growing in Highland.

Our pilot school recently shared some feedback about the programme from Parents:

What do you think you might do differently as a result of attending the programme?

“Being able to speak to my children without worrying I said something I shouldn’t have. I feel I can support my children much better and understand their thoughts and feelings.”

What aspects of the programme did you find most beneficial?

“Everything about this programme is amazing and has given me a better understanding about everything. I can’t wait to see what the kids one is like and see the positive impact it has on them.”

On a scale to 1 – 5 the parent rated themselves as a 1; feeling not confident at all about attending the programme, by the end of the programme the parent rated themselves as a 5 stating they feel very confident. 

For more information about the Parent Programme click here.